Kendal Rifle and Pistol Club

Subscription & Costs

The Club


Currently the annual subs are £55 for adult membership and £27.50 for juniors (under 16) payable 1st December each year.

Probationary members are required to pay £27.50 to cover the probationary period (£13.75 for juniors.) At the end of probation, assuming that you wish to become a full member and have proved to be a responsible person with firearms, you would be required to pay the balance of the remaining year, not a full years subs.

There is also a one-off joining fee of £30.00 for all new members of the club.

Attendance Fees

An attendance charge is being introduced form the beginning of April 2006 as a measure to cover the increasing cost of the rates on the range. Members will be able to pay either 70 pence per night or a "one off" fee of £25.00 for the year.

Other Costs.

You will be charged for CNTSA* competitions that you enter, but you will not be charged if selected to shoot for the county team. Some internal competitions also incur a small charge.

No charge is made for most targets but some air gun cards are charged for.

* Cumbria and Northumbria Target Shooting Association - see the Links page.

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