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Range Safety

Some basic information for new starters.

  • NEVER point a .22 rifle or an air gun at anyone!
  • Do not touch a rifle, or air gun, until you are told you may do so by the range officer.
  • On the firing point do not touch a gun when anyone is down the shooting range.
  • Do not remove live ammunition from the from the club. It is an offence for anyone who does not have a firearms certificate to possess ammunition.
  • After you have finished shooting ensure that your rifle is empty and safe, replace your breach flag - see below.
  • After shooting wait for permission to leave the firing point.
  • All ways obey the range officers instruction on matters of safety and shooting. Safety is paramount, no breaches in safety are acceptable.

ANYONE observed committing a breach of safety will not be permitted to shoot. After a breach of safety it is at the discretion of the range officer to exclude the perpetrator from any further activities at Kendal Rifle and Pistol Club - it has happened.

In an effort to promote good practise and safety it is a KR&PC rule that ALL small-bore firearms should have a breach flag in the breach at all times except when a rifle is being used upon one of the ranges. NO rifle should be seen within the club room without a flag in the breach unless it is being removed from, or placed in, its case or the armoury. Flags are readily available from the club at cost, currently 50 pence.

Where ever possible air guns should be seen to be safe.

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