Kendal Rifle and Pistol Club

Rifles & Ammunition

The Club

Looking for information on target rifles and target rifle stocks? Please see the Commercial Target Shooting Links on the Links page. There are links to Anschutz, Feinwerkbau and Walther. There are also links to a barrel manufacturer, a stock manufacturer/gun smith and a gun smith.

Rifles and Air Guns

The club has a number of smallbore target rifles for beginners, including left-handers. It also has a target air rifle and target air pistol that are available for members.


The club holds stocks of .22 ammunition. The ammo is sold at cost plus "corkage" of £1.00 per hundred to cover the cost of the target cards.

Anyone wishing to use another brand of ammunition or a type that the club does not stock will be expected to pay corkage. .177 pellets are also available.

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