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Open Shoots, a Guide, or to give it its full title Open Shoots, a Guide to the Practicalities of Competing is a little thing that I have written that I hope will be of some use to all new starters and may be of some use to the more seasoned shooter too.

As the introduction says the guide is not an instruction manual on shooting, it is a guide to most, if not all, of those little things that you will need to know when competing at an open shoot. What to do if you cross shoot and what to do when someone cross shoots onto you. What additional kit you will need, how to put up your cards and other simple little things that the senior members of your club may have forgotten to tell you.

Hopefully you will find the guide helpful, all observations are welcome but I do respond better to constructive criticism and unalloyed praise :-) Seriously, anything to say about the guide – particularly errors and omissions, please tell me!

Martin Ives 7/5/2005

Get the Guide here.

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