Kendal Rifle and Pistol Club

Guest Nigths

The Club

The club is keen, within the limits of their licence, to host "Guest Nights" to promote the sport of target shooting. Guest nights are restricted to recognised outside organisations or people who are personally known to at least one full member of the club.

The usual format is a visiting party of around 10 to 20 people attending for two to three hours in the evening. During this time they will given experience with a .22 target rifle together with .177 air rifle and or air pistol.

It is normal for the shot cards to be scored, so the visiting group can run a competition if they wish.

It is not possible for more than four people to shoot .22 rifle at any one time and more than two people to shoot air rifle or pistol. However, the club goes have a "tuck shop" and facilities for brewing-up, a dart board and pool table to keep the non-shooting members of the party entertained while waiting to have their turn at shooting.

Shooting is closely controlled by experienced club officers and shooters at all times to ensure safe practices are observed.

A nominal fee will be charged to cover the cost of targets and ammunition.

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