Kendal Rifle and Pistol Club

Target Shooting Disciplines

The Club

All the following target shooting disciplines can be shot at KRPC;

  • Prone small-bore rifle at 25 yards inside
  • .22 Benchrest at 25 yards inside
  • .22 sporting rifle at 20 yards
  • 6 yard air pistol
  • 10 metre air pistol
  • 20 yard air pistol.
  • Target air rifle. The only air rifle shooting within the club is as part of Light Weight Sporting rifle competitions but there is no reason why other air rifle competitions should not be shot - the club has a .177 target rifle available to all members.

A number of the members are also members of Appleton Rifle Club where they shoot over 50 yards, 50 metres and 100 yards outside.

One of the members of the club has the SCATT shooter training system which can be made available to members of the club. SCATT can be used for all types of target shooting - smallbore, air pistol and air rifle, and software even has settings for cross-bow shooting.

As a point of interest the NSRA (National Small-bore Rifle Association) have a system that enables the blind to target shoot air rifle. For more information please contact the NSRA .

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