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Smallbore Target Shooting Competitions

The club is an active participant in a number of competitions that are external to the club, principally the CNTSA * and National leagues. The CNTSA leagues are open to all comers and cover a large range of small-bore and air gun disciplines, if you would like to compete in postal competitions please look at the CNTSA Website . For competition dates please see the news page.

Kendal Rifle and Pistol Club hold and Open Shoot, prone small bore target rifle, of 60 shots at 25 yards at Netherfield range each October. As part of the CNTSA diary of events the club host, in conjunction with the Cumberland News Rifle Club of Carlisle, the Lowther shoot each May - a prone small bore shoot of 60 shots at 50 yards and 60 shots at 100 yards. There are also internal competitions.

The Lake District Open 2004 - the "Lowther Shoot". A great day if it stays dry, which it has for the last three years, but it was very windy for 2003.

Lowther Shoot 2004 - The 100 yard targets from the firing point.

For 2003 the Lowther site was surveyed as part of the process of setting out the ranges accurately, on the 100 yard range competitors shoot "up hill" by over four yards. Thanks must be made to Spatial Data Ltd, Chartered Land Surveyors, Kendal for their assistance in the survey.

Lowther 2004 - the 50 yard range from the firing points.

Shooting at 50 yards, Lowther 2004.

Thanks go to Mr C. Hoyle for the images of the Lowther Shoot 2004.

Fun Shoots

Periodically throughout the year the club has internal "Fun Shoots" - The "Lucky Chucky" at Easter and the Christmas Shoot to name but two. In the spirit of the season the Christmas shoot is followed by a Christmas dinner where many tall stories are told, food eaten and some "pop" consumed.

Open Shoots, a Guide

A PDF guide to all new small-bore target shooters as to what to do and what NOT do, extra things you will need etcetera when attending Open Shoots. Go to the Guide page

*Cumbria and Northumbria Target Shooting Assn.

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