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Last update: 1 November, 2017



Small-bore Rifle and Air Gun Target Shooting

Please look around the Kendal* Rifle and Pistol Club site to learn a little about the club and target shooting. If you have any questions about small-bore or air gun target shooting please use the e-mail link or the phone number listed on the contact page.

A sport for all, target shooters can range in age from teens to 80+ and be of either gender.

The membership, something over 30 full members, are predominantly smallbore target rifle shooters. One or two members shoot only air guns, a number of members shoot more than one discipline.

A friendly bunch, the 'K' members meet on Tuesday and Friday evenings. The club participates in county and national competitions as well as running internal competitions and fun shoots.

*Kendal - Market town on the eastern side of the English Lake District


The target diagram below was shot with a .22 rimfire target rifle, a 25 yard (22.86m) target. The target is just over 2 inches (51mm) in diameter. Scoring - Shots can touch a line but not cross it to get the higher value score.

Shot 25 yard prone target.
Think it will be easy? Give it a go.

Update soon.


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